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Seagate CORTX - Intelligent Object Storage Software
Optimized for mass capacity and data-intensive workloads.

Seagate CORTX - Intelligent Object Storage Software


CORTX: Open Source Mass-Capacity Object Storage
Democratizing Access to Data via Mass-Capacity Data Platform Solutions

CORTX is an open-source softwaredefined object store backed by Seagate and designed, built, and maintained by a growing community of data scientists and big data and enterprise storage experts.

Designed by a consortium of highperformance computing (HPC) experts with an eye toward future data center requirements, CORTX enables maximum scalability, resiliency, and hardware efficiency. Without any concurrency-reducing global locks, CORTX provides immediate consistency for object access. For maximum scalability, concurrency, and searchability, CORTX distributes metadata management across all servers. To ensure data resilience for everlarger data sets, CORTX erasure coding can provide multi-tiered data protection across all known data center failure scenarios.

Uniquely, CORTX benefits from a tighter integration with storage. CORTX enables the data to communicate directly with the storage drives without an intervening file system. This direct-to-drive architectural feature improves performance and reliability while giving finer control over storage drives. Most importantly, this also allows us at Seagate the best possible vertically integrated design so that new capabilities introduced at the device level can be immediately leveraged by the object storage system without requiring us to wait for some thirdparty file system to add support for new device capabilities In addition, ongoing device innovations like HAMR and multi-actuator are being developed in parallel with CORTX to ensure that their capabilities and efficiencies are delivered to end users and applications with the quickest possible path to productization. Finally, CORTX has an integrated scale-out, autoindexed key-value store (KVS) to simultaneously enable scalable labeling and search of zettabytes of data. Just saving the at-risk data is not enough—we must simultaneously enable fast search across these massive data sets. CORTX has been designed for extremely optimized metadata search, as well.

The diagram below shows CORTX’s ntended role in data centers servicing a wide range of targeted segments via a host of frameworks and protocols. CORTX is uniquely optimized for mass-capacity hardware devices and supports bandwidth workloads, capacity workloads, and metadata search. It is an object storage platform specially designed to support the largest HDDs.

The role of CORTX in the IT 4.0 ecosystem

Mass Capacity Object Storage, Open at Last

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to storing more data. CORTX™ is 100% open source object storage that enables efficient capture and consolidation of massive, unstructured data sets for the lowest cost per petabyte. Designed, built, and maintained by Seagate and a community of data scientists and enterprise storage experts, CORTX brings exabyte scalability to your private cloud.

100% Open Source


Community-driven design delivers faster access to innovations while open source code can be tailored to your use case.

Mass Capacity

Exabyte Scale

Get lightning-fast access to data with exabyte-scale software that improves with storage media scalability and efficiency.

High Availability


Optimized for HDD capacity growth, data durability, and recovery.

Easily Deployable

Reference Architecture

Get is the tested and supported version of CORTX bundled with our converged infrastructure solution, Lyve Drive™ Rack.