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Seagate Storage System Solutions
Storage System Solutions for Enterprises and Businesses of all Sizes

Lyve Cloud

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

Lyve Cloud provides a new way. Enable multicloud freedom with a simple, trusted, and efficient S3 object storage solution designed for long-term predictability and maximum flexibility.

Seagate Exos CORVAULT

Seagate Exos Corvault

Seagate Exos CORVAULT

Exos CORVAULT is a high-performance, self-healing block storage system that delivers multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies for data center and macro edge environments.

  • Self-Healing
  • Hyperscale Efficiency
  • Intelligent Architecture

Seagate Exos X — RAID & Data Protection

Seagate Exos X is an advanced storage array that is petabytescale, rack-mounted block storage with builtin self-healing technology, advanced data protection, and software value that aggregates drives in a single enclosure and up to 336 drives across multiple enclosures. Value-rich 2U and 5U solutions for applications that require capacity, versatility performance, and low latency.

Seagate Exos E — JBOD Building Blocks

Seagate Exos E rack mount storage expansion enclosures seamlessly connect a 2U form factor with either 12 or 24 drives, a 4U form factor with 106 drives, or a 5U form factor with 84 drives with scalable capacity up to 336 drives.

Seagate Exos AP — Compute & Storage

Seagate Exos AP delivers high-performance computing and cutting-edge storage in a single system, expandable with multiple enclosures up to 336 drives. Supports industry-standard management tools and computing structures.