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Seagate Lyve Drive Rack - Open Object Storage, Simplified
Store more for less with this tightly integrated solution.

Seagate Lyve Drive Rack


Lyve Drive Rack Release One

Lyve Drive™ Rack is the object storage component for the Lyve Drive data platform.

Product Highlights

  • Lyve Drive Rack R1
  • CORTX Object Storage software
  • Low-cost S3-compatible private cloud
  • Application-level load balanced
  • Seagate 5U84 storage enclosure with 84 HDDs (1.5PB with 18TB drives)
  • Ready for highest-capacity HDDs
  • Active-Active HA

Democratizing High-Capacity Storage for Data-Intensive Workloads

Cost should not be a barrier to storing more data. Lyve Drive™ Rack is a converged object storage infrastructure solution for modern, leading-edge applications like artificial intelligence and big data—enabling efficient capture and consolidation of massive, unstructured data sets at the industry’s lowest cost per petabyte.

Open Source


Leverage open source contributions for faster access to innovations while your deployment remains fully supported by Seagate.

Lower TCO


A tightly integrated hardware and software bundle that supports data-intensive workloads, with up to 1.5PB of raw capacity.

Easy Deployment


Scalable, versatile, and fully tested architecture simplifies installation, integration, and maintenance, with zero vendor lock-in.

Reliable Design


Self-healing technology eliminates downtime while assuring high availability and integrity of your data.