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Embrace Peace of Mind on World Backup Day with Seagate

Mark your calendars for March 31st—World Backup Day—and ensure your business data is secure and resilient with Seagate's reliable backup solutions.

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  • Data breaches, hardware failures, even accidental deletions can cripple your business. Don't gamble with downtime & lost productivity. Why prioritize backups?
  • Disaster Recovery: Be ready for anything with reliable backups to minimize downtime & financial losses.
    • Compliance Savior: Meet data retention regulations effortlessly with secure backup solutions.
    • Employee Efficiency: No more frantic scrambling after data loss. Backups mean smooth sailing (and happy employees!)
  • Why choose Seagate?
    • Enterprise-grade security: Protect your sensitive data with advanced encryption & access controls.
    • Scalability solutions: Grow your business & your backups with customizable storage options.
    • Expert support: Get 24/7 assistance from Seagate's dedicated team of data pros.
  • Don't wait for disaster! Contact us today & craft a bulletproof backup plan for your business

What is World Backup Day?

Backup your data or you may be the next April fool

March 31st has been declared World Backup Day. People “celebrate” World Backup Day by highlighting the importance of backups if you want to preserve your digital life.

Ismail Jadun, founder of World Backup Day, explains: “We all know someone who has lost important files: pictures, videos, music, book reports and/or important personal documents. This World Backup Day is a public appeal to everybody to reflect on your own digital life, to learn about the various options and to get your files backed up. I also hope that World Backup Day sparks conversations about the enormous task of saving our digital heritage for future generations.”

World Backup Day is no superfluous reminder of the importance of regular backups. Over 1.8 zettabytes of data are begging generated per year. And unfortunately, nearly 30% of people have never even backed up their data. That’s a lot of unprotected digital heritage!

Some other figures: Each hour, over 6,000 people lose their phone, which means that about 2,000 of them have irretrievably lost the data on this phone. And we haven’t even started on computer viruses on resulting data loss….

Forgetfulness is not a valid excuse

Many people who fail to backup regularly (or at all), often use forgetfulness and absent-mindedness as main excuse. “We do want to have regular backups, but we always forget to backup at the end of the day.” But you don’t need to remind yourself daily of to perform a backup in order to get this backup done. There are several products and online services available that can automatically perform this daily backup for you. You can choose a local backup to a hard drive, such as the Seagate Backup Plus product family, that comes with software to have a daily backup performed automatically at a set time. You can choose a cloud back-up, such as Amazon Drive, Google Drive, DropBox or others. Or you can opt for a combination of both, and make your local backup synchronize with your cloud backup.

If you care to find out more about the Seagate product portfolio, check out

Meanwhile we wish you a Happy World Backup Day and Many Merry Digital Memories!

Why Seagate?

Why Seagate for Data Backup?

Seagate's commitment to reliability and innovation makes it an ideal choice for data backup. With features like Rescue Data Recovery Services available on select products, users gain peace of mind knowing that even in the face of data loss incidents, there's a safety net. Additionally, Seagate's range of products—from portable external drives to expansive home cloud storage systems—ensures that there's a backup solution for every scenario.

In recognition of the ever-growing volume of digital content, Seagate continually evolves its offerings to meet and exceed the demands of modern data storage. Their drives are engineered for durability, designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, and backed by years of research and development.

Why Choose for Your Seagate Backup Needs?

At, we stand out as your premier choice for all Seagate backup needs, offering a blend of expertise, convenience, and personalized service that is unmatched in the industry. Here's why making us your partner in data protection is a smart decision:

Years of Expertise

Our team at brings years of experience in data storage and backup solutions. This depth of knowledge means we understand the intricacies of data protection, from the simplest to the most complex requirements. Our expertise allows us to recommend the most suitable Seagate solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your data is not just backed up, but optimally protected.

Comprehensive Online and In-Store Experience

Convenient Web Store: Our user-friendly online platform offers an extensive selection of Seagate products, from external hard drives to sophisticated cloud storage solutions. Shopping with us online is not only convenient but also informative, with detailed product descriptions, comparisons, and customer reviews to help guide your purchase decisions.

Personalized Consultation and Support

At, we pride ourselves on offering more than just products; we provide solutions. Our sales team is dedicated to walking you through the entire process, from understanding your data backup requirements to selecting the right Seagate technology and implementing it effectively.

Trusted by Customers

Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike. The confidence our customers place in us is a testament to the quality of service and support we deliver. Choosing means joining a community of satisfied customers who have found not just a vendor, but a partner in their data protection journey.