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Exos Mozaic 3+

Achieve maximum storage capacity with the industry’s most efficient, sustainable, and proven hard drive.

Exos Mozaic 3+

Model No: ST32TB00000

Where mass capacity, unprecedented areal density, and proven performance combine for storage that’s hyper-efficient and more sustainable than ever.


  • 32TB (SMR)
  • 24TB
  • 30TB

Unlock Maximum Storage Efficiency with Exos Mozaic 3+

Discover the future of storage with Exos Mozaic 3+—the industry's most efficient and sustainable hard drive. Get started today!

Seagate Mozaic

Where the Future Is Read and Written

Culminating in a breakthrough collection of nanoscale technologies, Mozaic 3+™ is a hard drive platform that incorporates Seagate’s unique implementation of HAMR to deliver mass-capacity storage at unprecedented areal densities of 3TB per disk and beyond, enabling data center efficiency like never before.

Powerful. Proven. Plug-and-Play.

Exos Mozaic 3+ has all the same components you’ve come to trust in our Exos line, with a handful of new, proven innovations that take reliability and performance to the next level.

Compatible with existing infrastructure and software, Exos Mozaic 3+ hard drives require no mods or host awareness to operate.

Seagate Mozaic
Seagate Mozaic

Capacity You Can Count On

Store a massive amount of data of up to 30TB+ in one of the industry’s most trusted hard drives, featuring a 2.5M/hr MTBF rating and 5-year limited warranty for long-term reliability.

Hyper-Efficient. Seriously Sustainable.

Because of the incredible areal density harnessed by Mozaic 3+ technology, Exos lets you dramatically increase capacity while using fewer racks, less floor space, and, as a result, less power and less budget.

At scale, this can have tremendous impact—like being able to manage growth and contain costs while demanding less of the planet and its resources.

Seagate Mozaic

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