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Upgrade Promotion

This Seagate Storage Systems promotion allows you to upgrade your existing data center storage to today’s generation of storage hardware that includes density, capacity, advanced protection, and software features, along with modern self-healing technology.

Upgrade Program Benefits:

  • Discounts on Seagate Systems product portfolios and bundles.*
  • Discounts on Seagate Systems service and support subscriptions.*

Promotion Process:

Reach out to us to discuss any upgrade opportunities, including the potential of data transfer service. We will work with Seagate to confirm your promotion.

*Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions shown are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice. Promotion Period: 1st Nov 2022 – 31 Dec 2023

Case Study: TV Network Rids Storage Woes with Exos CORVAULT


When Taiwanese cable provider Videoland TV Network realized they were spending more time and resources on outdated data storage mediums than they could afford, they sought out a more efficient solution— Seagate Exos® CORVAULT™. Between its capacity, speed, and advanced data protection features (all wrapped up in a small footprint), it’s become a key player in their current and long-term storage strategy.


  • Massive capacity of up to 1PB in a 5U chassis.
  • Self-healing drive technology.
  • Small footprint that makes scaling easier.
  • Seamless integration for quick tape migration.

Easing the Transition from Tape to Drives

Videoland originally used three tape cabinets for storage, each able to hold a thousand tapes. But, due to their need for backup storage, the actual available capacity was only five hundred. After switching to Exos CORVAULT, they not only gained enormous capacity in a small footprint, but additional issues, such as damp or damaged tapes and offline storage problems, are no more.

Videoland first implemented Exos CORVAULT in their main control department, responsible for broadcast operations. Although the main control only stores the officially broadcasted content, the programs broadcasted since the inception of the station have been continuously accumulated and never deleted. The overall data volume has reached 1.7 PB, divided into the first-level storage for official broadcast and as a resource pool. Exos CORVAULT mainly supports separate secondary storage.

Seagate Media and Entertainment Data Solutions

Media and Entertainment Data Solutions

Streamline content workflows and efficiently store data-intensive media

Seagate media and entertainment solutions help you create, store, and access content for data-intensive digital media workflows including production, streaming and archiving.

Case Study: Construction Consultants Select Exos to Streamline Innovation


Construction consulting firm HRS has pioneered engineering technology and in-house, open-sourced systems to provide its team, subcontractors, and clients with fast and secure tools. However, this increased the need for a data storage system that would improve performance and security and ensure teams could access data even during a natural disaster. Seagate Exos storage systems met these demands and more.


  • Massive capacity in a small footprint.
  • High read/write speeds with little tuning.
  • Reduced storage management costs by 40%.
  • Eliminated old NAS and six tower servers.

Efficiently storing a growing collection of data.

“We knew we’d never be able to improve efficiency with a system that makes people wait. That’s why I knew it was time to upgrade the storage system, along with our networking system,” said Takafumi Suzuki, company president.

Suzuki knew from experience that depending on a cloud for all its data needs was risky due to the fact that severe natural disasters such as earthquakes have the potential to cut off access to critical data that keeps the organization operating.

HRS landed on Seagate’s Exos X 2U12, a RAID storage system, and Exos E 2U12, a petabyte-class JBOD system. Suzuki chose Exos products for several reasons: they have excellent speed, are cost-efficient, and are easy to integrate with HRS’s current systems. Plus, the systems’ default tolerance level would keep HRS resilient against earthquakes thanks to Seagate’s fast rebuild ADAPT feature.

Case Study: Seagate and Hitachi Swiftly Satisfy Customer’s Data Storage Needs


A Japanese public research institution required a scalable data storage solution within a limited fiscal timeline and began an open bid process. The project was awarded to Hitachi, who brought their own technology partner, Seagate®, onboard. Both companies worked swiftly to deliver the right solution, meeting the customer’s requirements for a file server right on time.


  • Able to Meet Short Project Deadline
  • NFS/SAS/Linux Compatibility
  • Assured Scalability Via JBOD Expansion
  • Exceptional Sales and Technical Support

Hitachi Chooses Seagate for Customer Storage Project

In order to meet its customer’s multiple requirements, Hitachi knew it could count on its technology partner, Seagate, and more specifically, Seagate’s Exos® AP 2U12 storage server and Exos E 2U12 rackmount enclosure. As an OEM customer of Seagate storage solutions themselves, Hitachi was familiar with Seagate, as well as the Exos AP unit’s predecessor, and could vouch for both the company and its products.

As part of the project collaboration, Seagate worked with Hitachi to pre-verify Hitachi’s Linux integration with the Exos AP 2U12. Hitachi now provides on-site support when necessary, while Seagate supports Hitachi remotely. Today, the Seagate-Hitachi collaborative solution provides the Japanese public research institution with 384TB of data storage delivering performance of 3GB/s. Product selection through installation and verification took less than two months, meeting the customer’s requirement without any business disruption.

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Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your business while optimizing cost.

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