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Seagate Lyve Cloud
Multicloud Freedom as a Service

Lyve Cloud

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

No egress fees. No API charges. No vendor lock-in. No, seriously.

Multicloud Doesn’t Have to Suck

In the old way, vendor lock-in and prohibitive costs limit the volume of data that businesses can store and activate. Data gets trapped in siloes, stifling innovation and slowing down workflows.

Lyve Cloud provides a new way. Enable multicloud freedom with a simple, trusted, and efficient S3 object storage solution designed for long-term predictability and maximum flexibility.

Object Storage

Store, move, and access data without any egress or API fees.

Data Analytics

Accelerate your path to insights with scalable open data lake architecture.


Process your data fast—and affordably.

Tape Migration and Storage

Breathe new life into your legacy data without lifting a finger.

Drive value from edge to cloud.

Our solutions are built on 40+ years of global leadership and data storage technology innovation.


Fortify your 3-2-1 backup strategy with always-on cloud storage, designed to complement your existing multicloud environment.

Content Repository

Store content-rich files in a scale-out repository while paying only for the capacity used.


Enable a frictionless multicloud environment with flexible, cost-effective data storage and mobility solutions.

Smart Cities and Security

S3-compatible cloud object storage enables smart city applications to securely store, curate, and activate data from various sources.

Media and Entertainment

Address common data storage challenges from production and content creation, through post-production, backup, and archive.


Any organization’s planned or existing 3-2-1 backup strategy can be fortified by always-on cloud storage. The alternative could be data lost to human error, natural disasters, or ransomware.

Predictable Cloud Economics

Low and Stable TCO

Lower your cloud storage bill by as much as 70% with industry leading TCO.

Always-on Availability

Access Without Delays

Access data anytime without costly delays thanks to best-in-class availability and durability.

Robust Protection

World-Class Security

Safeguard your data assets with the most stringent, globally recognized security standards.

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

Cost-effective object storage designed for multicloud.

Enable multicloud freedom with Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data. Predictable capacity-based pricing with no hidden fees for egress or API calls reduces TCO so you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with verifiable trust and ease of use at scale from the global leader in data management.

Security Features

Certifications: End-to-end security assurance of people, process, and technology
ISO 27001 Certification Comprehensive audits of our people, process, and technology, conducted by independent, third-party auditors, provide assurance that Lyve Cloud meets the most stringent, globally recognized data security standards
SOC 2 Type 2 Certification
HIPAA Our enterprise class and secure technology helps ensure the highest level of security that complies with the strictest government standards for your data
Data Durability More than 11 nines
Multi-Metro Replication Automatically replicated data between two sites
Data Replication Active passive between any site and at S3 bucket level
High-Availability Failover Active-active within the same region
Data Immutability Object Immutability with specified data retention for compliance and ransomware protection
Data Encryption: All data encrypted at every step of the way, ensuring your data is yours and yours alone.
Encryption Algorithm 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) AKA: AES-256-GCM
Data in Flight and Key Management End-to-end communication over secure channel using TSL 1.2 (AES-256-GCM)
Encryption Key Management System (KMS) Server-side encryption (SSE-C): Data is encrypted using client-provided key
Servicer-side encryption (SSE-S3): Data is encrypted with unique Lyve-Cloud-provided key generated by the KMS using a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (CSPRNG)
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Support for multi-factor authentication, federated login using customer’s identity provider, and multiple levels of roles for users to allow granular access to product features
Multitenancy Complete data separation and management of separate customer clients
Audit Logs Access to Lyve Cloud immutable audit logs to see all user audit logs and activities, enabling identification of malicious activities

Common Use Cases

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Fortify your 3-2-1 backup strategy with always-on cloud storage, designed to complement your existing multicloud environment.

Content Repository

Store rich content from security and media production workflows in a scale-out repository, while paying only for the capacity used.

Multicloud Storage

Enable multicloud freedom with Seagate Lyve Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data.

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